Scandinavia Photos

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland


Denmark - June 13-14, 1989 / June 7-10, 2000 / June 21-23, 2000



Sweden - June 10-13, 2000

Stockholm     Falun


Norway - June 13-June21, 2000 

Hamar     Geiranger     Sognefjord     Bergen     Vraadal     Oslo


Finland -  June 23-25, 2000 



Denmark & Sweden

Copenhagen is known as the city of canals.

This statue of Hans Christian Anderson has him facing across the street  


 The roads along the canals are filled with cafes, coffee houses and boutique shops.

Operations started in the 17th Century. 

Descends 200 meters and I went down 67 meters. 

      This is the largest copper producer in the world.


 Erikson sculpted The Little Mermaid in 1913. 

His wife sat 400 times and he had four sons before it was 

     completed. It is outside the city center on the sea at Langelinie.

Uppsala Cathedral is the largest in Scandinavia and was dedicated to St Lawrence, 

     St Olof and St Erik. It is famous for its twin steeples. 


This view of Hamlets Castle is from the ferry crossing on the way to Lund, Sweden.

The famous Dalarna Horses factory in Nusnas. 

Dala horses are more representative of Sweden than the Swedish flag.








Lillihammer, Norway 1994 Olympic Ski jump. 

I climbed up to the top. It was quite a trek.

 Gudvangsjuvet Bridge & Waterfall 

It was great being at the bottom of the road but 

we also traveled some very steep, windy  mountain 

       roads to get to the top with the bridge and walk across 

the bridge. it was great getting both views.


 Norway Trolls Dovregubben mightiest sovereign of the mountain Duvre. Some are giants with moss on their heads. Some are 

hundreds of years old. They are only seen at night. 

During the day they turn to stone. They have only 4 fingers and toes. Mommy trolls use their noses for stirring the porridge and they can transform themselves to trick people but they can not hide their tails.



Bergen is a great seaside town known for the high quality 

animal skin furs and beautiful wooden buildings along the harbor front.


Geiranger Fjord with paths to Dalsnibba, Flydalsjuvet and Ornesvigsen.



King Olav founded Bergen in 1070. 

The fish market here is a main attraction.



DalsnibbaPass - This is the road from Lom to Geiranger. 

It has beautiful Fjord scenery and troll crossing warnings.

 Little Hot Head - The Angry Boy Baby is famous in 

Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo. there are 192 sculptures with 

       over 600 figures all done lifesize by Gustav Vigeland, born in 1869. 


Town of Leikanger with a gorgeous view of Sognefjord.









Alexander II Church is a Lutheran Cathedral in Helsinki.

Sibelius Park - A Helsinki Landmark in honor of composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). Hundreds of steel pipes 

       were used and then welded together.


The Catholic church is on the hill and the guard is in front of the Royal Palace.

This is the facade of Jean Sibelius in cast stainless steel.