June 25 - June 30, 2000

St. Petersberg     Novgorod     Moscow



Smolny Cathedral St. Petersburg


Pizza Hut

Peter the Great - Peter the Great is represented all over Russia. Here he is in Senatskaia Ploschad Square.


St. Isaacs Square & Cathedral

5Russian-Police-Car.jpg (31690 bytes)

Local Police - Luckily I had no run-in's

Alexandrinsky Theatre - Here I saw the Russian Ballet perform Swan Lake.


Petro Dvorets Tsar

7Petro-Dvorets-Tsar-Summer Palace St. Petersburg.jpg (69382 bytes)

Strokkur is in Haukadalur and spouts every 4-minutes.

Peter the Great's Summer Palace with Guilded Russian Versailles terrace statues and fountains cascade on the

     Gulf of Finland.

Church of Saviour of the Blood


16th Century Canon 

The cannon was kept on the Kremlin wall to scare enemies away. 

The canon balls were hollow and were never fired.

The bell was too heavy to move and no bell tower could fit it. 1 1/2 tons 

actually broke off and just rests on the ground.


11The-Annunciation-Cathedral-at Terem Palace Moscow.jpg (51279 bytes)

Terem Church - This white church is famous for it's helmet domes. It represents the union eternal flame with twelve domes.

Trinity Monastery - Built for St. Sergio


McDonalds - One of the few I have seen without English writing

Famous Moscow Circus


He was so pretty and heavy

Circus Lioness - a big calm kitty


Circus Primates - They were a fun bunch

Stallin Wedding Cake - Beautiful Russian Architecture


St. Basil's Cathedral - 

It was so disappointing that the weather was so poor. 

It was raining quite hard which made it tough to get a good

       shot of this magnificent world icon. It was unbelievable seeing it in person.

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