May 29 - June 6, 2000

 Reykjavik     Snaefellsnes     Grindavik     Gulfoss

Myvatn     Skogar     Skaftafell     Skogafoss




Hafnarfjordur's Blue Lagoon - mineral rich geothermal sea water and white silica clay. 

Real sulphur smell & very hard on the hair. 


Strokkur Geysir in Haukadalur and spouts every 4-minutes.




Kerid Volcanic Crater - One eruption over 3000 years ago and it 

turned into a beautiful lake filled volcanic crater.

Gulfoss Waterfall 

The most impressive in Iceland on the Hvita River at 105 feet high.


Iceland is covered with volcanic rock. Astronauts are sent here 

for training as it most  resembles the surface of the moon.    


A one day, first time concert in Reykjavik. I was right in front of him & 

my backpack was right on the stage the whole concert. 

I got several high-fives from Elton and his autograph too.




I climbed Skogafoss waterfall at 197 feet high. 

Amazingly beautiful.

Londrangar - Two great rock pinnacles out of the ocean

in Snaefellsness. They are 217 feet high.

Reynishverfi black sand beach with amazing cliffs 

and stunning basalt columns. 

 Climbing some of the greatest basalt columns 

I have ever seen at Basalt Break.

Seljalandsfoss Falls

I climbed it and had a shower right behind the heart of the falls.


View of Akuryri from Eyjafjordur Fjord. 

I love the various colored roofs on the homes.

Godafoss is superb and stands 39 feet high and 72 feet wide.

Namafjall Hverir is a mountain of mines that overlooks the mud pools of Krafla 

and the sulphur pits of Namaskardi. Some grounds boil so you can cook on them. 


Lake Myvatn & Pseudo Craters

This is known as the lake of mosquitos and we were swarmed by them. 

There were tens of thousands of them all over us but they don't bite. I still panicked. 

It was gross but really beautiful. The pseudo craters are over 2300 years old and perfect. 

This area is famous for its landscapes, bird life and volcanic activity. 


Riding a snow cat on Vatnajokull,  Europe's largest ice-capped glacier 

standing 2756 feet above sea level.  

I was riding to Midfellsegg Peak at 3700 feet high.  


Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon in S.E. Iceland 

1 hr flight from Reykjavik to Hofn

I was on a motorized raft and we went right up to each iceberg. 


Each Iceberg offered a unique color scheme

Some of the icebergs in the glacier lagoon were a fascinating blue

The Hofn guide was Saevar Thor at Jokulsarlon. 

This block of ice was probably over 2500 years old. 

The ice is so dense that it does not absorb any of the salt from the sea.  

       We broke some off and it was the purest, cleanest, most refreshing water 

I have ever tasted in my life.



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