June 6, 2000




View of this monstrous glacier outlet was taken from a plane hovering above 

the 50 meter deep glacier cracks. It was amazing to see straight down.


Kulusuk - East Greenland with 400 people. 

It was snowing when I arrived at the village Cap Dan.

Greenland Cemetery-The graves only have crosses with no names as the 

villagers believe that they come back.


The scenery was amazing and I landed on the smallest landing strip I had ever seen. 

The landing strip was surrounded by ice all over the ground. 



The girls were full of smiles and laughter while mom pounded seal skins.



Local Inuit village girl looking on with skeptisism. 



Inuit Drum dancing is filled with such expression & unique verbal sounds, 

I will never forget it. It is a time honored tradition to dance well.


It was hard to imagine the clothes drying outside in that cold weather. 

The dogs were chained down everywhere.


The Greenland Huskys were beautiful and gave me a wonderful ride 

on the typical daily transportation.  


Mountain Sledding - The villages are far removed and completely remote. 

One must fly from village to village. This was one of those moments.