The Baltic States




July 1-July 6, 2000



Lithuania - Vilnius           Latvia - Riga           Estonia - Tallin



    Vilnius, Lithuania - One must know how close they are to McDonalds... 

I guess it builds the anticipation of a Big Mac.


The Lithuanian structures are beautiful.

The Hill of Crosses is a very sacred site in Siauliai, Lithuania. There are hundreds of thousands of crosses. The city was founded in 1236. There is also a large jewish star in the middle with a plaque that reads,  "Germany is guilty because it destroyed the Jews, but the Lord blesses Israel. The Jews are blessed but the damage stays".


Vilnius city square was a great place to sit and people watch.


I loved the colors and details of the architecture in Riga, Latvia. 


The shopping was great. (As it always is)


Tallinn is known for the red roofs, cobblestone streets and medieval houses.