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White-Water Rafting or Flipping Into the Nile     

Cape Town to Oudtshroon Car Accident

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda & Rwanda

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A Travelers Defining Moments - Well mine anyway


Village Pig Feast in Irian Jaya (West Papua, Indonesia)


The chief precisely released the arrow & the piercing squeal that followed was deafening. Excitement filled the village & the children eagerly gathered to cut the dying pig removing intruding organs. As I wandered among them, I was surprised to see such small fingers manipulating their mini-machetes with such grace and fortitude.


The Pleasure of Overcrowded Beaches (Allahabad, India)


Standing among the colorful background of 12 million people at the Ganges River in India for the Maha Kumbh Mela was breathtaking. Sadhus, snake charmers and cows wandered through the crowds of praying men and women just like I had. Nobody seemed disturbed by my presence. Spirituality filled the air and each of us walked a way a little changed.


The Unsuspecting Toilet (Tanzania, Africa)


I was going on that safari. Hours later, in spite of all the medicinal precautions taken, I was going to burst in the middle of the African bush. I ran from the vehicle shielding my shame behind a giant anthill. An elephant had relieved himself in the same spot I was seeking solace in. I laughed aloud through the praying gasps of pain and fear.


Meeting the King of the Jungle (Kalimantan, Indonesia)


Kosasih, a dominant 35-year old male orangutan, orphaned as a baby, survived the Indonesian jungle against all odds. When eye-to-eye I stated my great respect for him. He politely extended his arm out to me. I cautiously approached and knelt. His rare trust as I stroked his hand will be forever honored and cherished. He truly humbled me.


Swinging on Vines in the Amazon (Brazil)


The boat was shallow as we scooped out the water that filled it. Floating by children swinging on vines was straight out of a Tarzan movie. Below them we snapped our thin, stick lines into the cold water waiting for the biting Piranha below us. I wanted to say I caught one so my friend tossed me their caught fish on a stick. Does that still count?


The Savory Meat Pie (Australia)


Food is always a challenge for this meat & potatoes girl that hates veggies. Peanut butter goes everywhere with me. Then I found the delectable meat pie. The fresh, flaky crusted steak pie with gravy & nothing else to taint my favorite flavors for just around a buck. The roast chicken flavor crisps were a tasty side to boot. God bless the Aussies.


Crossing the Finish Line (Dublin, Ireland)


Dubliners lined the streets with music, drink and support. Thousands of strangers couldn’t be disappointed. I rounded O’Connell Street, lifted my walking stick to make a dash to the finish but it was slow motion. I had cried through the pangs since mile 18. Mom, we did it as I looked to her in the sky and toppled over the finish line with victory.


Sinuous, Tortured Gorges (Zambezi River, Zimbabwe)


As the raft flipped on the Zambezi River class 5, I was trapped below. We were told to release the rope if we didn’t make it but I found it very difficult to oblige. I was struggling taking in too much water. Day’s later after bile was expelled from my mouth, I awoke in a hospital with a Cholera diagnosis. I wondered how many lives I now had left.


Elton John in Concert (Reykjavik, Iceland)


After exploring Iceland for a month, I was shocked to see so many police after returning to Reykjavik. My curiosity gnawed at me to follow the commotion to find Elton John performing in just 45 min. My “cheap” ticket landed my backpack & I adorning the stage directly in front of Sir Elton's piano. The first high five made me smile that I was "cheap".


It Could Only Be a Kiwi (Rotorua, New Zealand)


Rolling down a hill inside of a big plastic bubble? Well of course I would do it. “I’ll take a dry run first please”. As I was harnessed into the bubble, I waited to start my downward spiral. I raced back to the top of the hill. Put me in with water this time. I swooshed as it swashed. I just couldn’t get enough. I love that adventure Kiwi spirit.

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