February 22 - March 7, 2006

March 21 - 27, 2006


Bangkok     River Kwai      Ampawa     Chiang Rai     Golden Triangle     Thaton

Fang National Park     Chiang Mai     Chiang Dao     Bangkok     Krabi     Phuket


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I Loved Thailand

This is the first picture I took in Thailand as I observed 

the daily street life of the Thai in Bangkok. 

A Local Street Restaurant 

Thai massage was available everywhere... 

Even on the streets corners. 

Another local street vendor. The meat looked quite tasty.

Spirit houses are found all over Thailand on the ground floor of 

office buildings, malls and residences to protect its occupants. Some are simple and others quite elaborate.

Supermarkets are always a great cultural experience.

City View (I love all of the billboards)

An Elaborate Spirit House

Praying Buddhist at Wat Traimit - Temple of the Golden Buddha

5 1/2 tons and the worlds largest solid Gold Buddha Statue

Local Monks

Marble Temple - A young man celebrates his entry into becoming a monk. He walks around the temple 3 times with his family.

This is Pramaha Suwanalot Kantajalo. His name means

glass with beautiful color. He is 27 and has been a monk

for 7 years and lives at the Marble Temple.

Part of the Marble Temple Gallery

Grand Palace Demon or Garuda Image from Thai Mythology

Grand Palace - Monkey and Giant Head Supports

Karaoke Booths at the MallIt is so popular in all of Asia

A Local Cookout

I was too weary with the bare feet to hands to serving

Naptime at the Flower Market

Selling Flowers Out of the Home

What is it?

Street Scene in Bangkok

Three on a Bike... Hmm, I wonder if we should try that.

Quail Eggs

Dragon in the Middle of the Street

Local Statue

Reclining Buddha 90 feet long. Transcends Buddha from mortal world to Nirvana. The immortal statue of absolute peace.

Beautiful Stuppas at Wat Pho that holds the reclining Buddha

Having a Laugh (Must Have Some Silly Shots)

Local Transportation and boy, can they move!

Pat Pong Night Market & Red Light District

Pat Pong Vendor 

(I Hope Nobody is Offended)

Local River Transportation  through winding canals

Learning to Sell Early. Want some purses?

Floating Market at Damnern Saduak

Waiting for a Customer Trying to Stay Cool

Pull Over for Some Fried Bananas

Famous Bridge On the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. 

16,000 prisoners died while building it. I rode the Death Railway.

Salt Field

Woman with a Coconut in Ampawa near Bangkok

This was a great time but my camera was reacting 

to the humidity so it was taking blurry pics.  I still had to put one of these school shots on the site. It was so much fun singing for these kids. I played Ring Around the Rosy with them and taught them Duck, Duck Goose and sang the Wheels on the Bus & more. What a day!

Making a Wish

You ask a question and shake the canister until a numbered stick falls on the floor. You take the corresponding note to get  your answer. The first stick that  fell out did not have a matching note so I had  to do it again. I wasn't crazy about the answer. I'll never get married but I'll always be healthy. I'm not so sure I'd try again.

War Monument

Deyla and Boy Show performers our last night before heading up

North. It was a lot of fun. Some of the "Ladies" were so beautiful. 

Boy would I kill for those legs and flat tummies. 

Quite impressive! Others...not so much!

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant

Feeding the elephants sugar cane, banana & corn in Chiang Rai

Fishing to sell at the local market.

Akha Villagers wear elaborate headdresses decorated with 

Indochinese piastres (coins)

Another Aha villager and her baby

This was hysterical. She was embarrassed and self conscious about not having teeth and didn't want to smile so I did what I had to for this very special once in a lifetime photo.

Local Village Housing

It was fun sharing songs with the kids.

So polite saying thank you for the dog tag necklace I gave her.

Filling bottles with petrol. It costs more to buy it here 

than at a petrol station. It is a convenience fee.

Lahu Village ladies with pipes are popular images throughout Thailand. There are many paintings just like this photo

Lahu Villager played this Lieye so well and I couldn't 

make a sound. I bought it from him for a friend of mine. 

Weaving blankets

A Boy Hard At Work

Women of the Akha tribe chew beetlenut which leaves 

the reddish-black stain on their teeth. 

Karen Long Neck Hilltribe

Traditionally, they will start wearing coils around 5 years old

The necks are not actually elongated as it appears. 

It is the clavicle that is being pushed down.

The rings weigh approximately 4 1/2 - 10 pounds.

The rings on the arm are worn from the wrist to the forearm.

The rings on the legs are worn from the ankle to the knees.

Lining up to get pencils, bracelets and necklaces.

This one was a bit mischievous. I adored her.


The weaving is learned at a very early age and is a 

painstaking craft. It is not easy and I would have

the patience to last about 10 minutes.

The Local Village Thief. He actually unzipped my 

backpack to grab the baggie, opened it up

and was going for my camera. He managed to

grab my hat and it was a fight to get it back.

Thaton - A Motorcycle Ride for Three

It was a great ride! My arms were out to the side feeling free as a bird at midnight in Thailand. It couldn't be any better! All of a sudden...

OUCH!!! We started wobbling. I laughed and thought he'll recover and the next thing I knew we were down. It was like a slow motion movie but very real. Luckily we were all ok!  I thought I wouldn't ride again for a while, but as travel has it, it wasn't long  and  I was on the back of yet another bike. I have a permanent souvenir of Thailand!

Lisu Minority Group Children

Lisu people believe strongly in the spirit world.

Lisu people have been cultivating the Opium Poppy Seed 

for many generations to maintain their livilihood.

Deyla & I are off to visit a Lisu Village and cross the river.

This is the typical Chiang Mai river crossing that makes the visit complete. It was alot of fun.

I got the hang of bamboo rafting down the Ping River after a while.

I just laughed when I saw them coming. They come out from

everywhere to sell you their handicrafts.

Wat Prathat Doi Suthep Temple - Chedi and Courtyart

Built in 14th century and an important remain of the Lanna culture

According to legend, the temple's site was selected by an auspicious elephant. The story goes that a monk named Sumana placed half of a Buddha relic on an elephant's back and set it loose.  

It was decided that when the elephant stopped walking, a temple would be built on that exact spot to house the gem ... 

Instead of stopping at an easy site, the elephant began climbing the hill- and finally paused on the brow. This was where Wat Prathat Doi Suthep was built by King Kuna in 1388

Climbing the Naga staircase of 309 steps

Chiang Mai Market - Great Artwork and I Loved This Smile

Police at Hotel Assisting with Police Report at 

the hotel in Chiang Rai

These are the police volunteers Jennifer & Calvin and the Senior Sergeant Major Thong Chai that took the police report after the motorcycle accident in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand..

Krabi (Southern Thailand) is just gorgeous surrounded

by amazing limestone cliffs and rocks

Lunch at a Phi Phi Islands Restaurant

Hiding in the Rocks on Bamboo Island

Monkey or Poda Island From Krabi

Ko Phi Phi Don Island

The film "The Beach" with Leonardo Di Caprio was filmed here.

I love the limestone cliffs. 

This was Just Gorgeous

This was a hike and I lost my camera battery just to get the shot. 

The waves were crashing into the cliffs behind. 

Krabi Town


Approaching the Islands

Phang Nga Bay Phuket

Just Beautiful

Khao Tapoo or James Bond Island

"The Man With the Golden Gun" was filmed here.

Beautiful Limestone on James Bond Island

Tour from Phuket

Caving Tour

Must duck to get through many of them.

Sea caves or open aired cylindrical tidal lagoons

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