Indonesia Photos of Sumatra


March 27, 2006 - May 6, 2006


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          (North Sumatra)      

Medan     Berastagi     Parapat     Lake Toba      Samosir  


          (West Sumatra)    

Padang Sidempuan     Bukittinggi


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Flying over Indonesia. It is the worlds largest archipelago of over 17,000 islands.


Group of Students Studying the Koran

Mesjid Raya The Great Mosque

Built by the Dutch from  1879 -1881


Medan has the largest crocodile farm in Indonesia.



Annai Velankanni….Our Lady of Good Health

Bunda Graha Maria, the most beautiful catholic church in S.E.Asia located in the small town of Vailankanni






Toba Batak Cultural Center in Dotan


Stone figures looking like a council circling the accused.


My hotel in Berastagi


View of Sinabung Volcano in Berastagi from Gundaling Hill


Sibayak Volcano - a 3 hr climb to reach the 2100 meter high peak.




My Name Was Almost There


A Little Artwork and Presto


Many people have been lost or lost their lives climbing Sibayak. It is easy to get lost on the trails in the jungle. This is a warning placard at the base of the volcano


A Typical Village Store

They really do sell everything


Sipiso-Piso 360 ft Waterfall in the Karo Highlands





Women do Much of the Hard Labor



Modern Batak Grave


Carved Stone Coffin


Ambarita Village


Samosir Island in Tuk Tuk


Traditional market at Balige and Tarutung, 

a small town located in Silindung Valley







Loved this business lady carrying the load.


Sipoholon Hotsprings




Genuine Peanuts From Sihobuk Village Tarutung, North Sumatra




A Homemade Bridge


Peace Signs are Universal


Individual Small Huts Which are Homes For the Local Monks

in Purba Village



Traffic Jam on Market Day







These are Village Scarecrows


Crossing the Equator at Bonjol



Bukittinggi City View


This is an independent tour guide that hangs out on streets, at airports and restaurants recruiting clients. He followed me on the street for quite a while to talk. He freaked me out a bit as he wouldn't go away but I'd chat with him a little.  I ran into him later while I was with a few new friends so he joined us for dinner and a great chat. I'll never forget him or his incredibly loud and unique laugh. It was fun!


Local Market Vendors





Pasar Atas is the colorful market of Bukittinggi




13-year old students doing a school survey on tourists. I filled it out for each of the girls. It took 1 1/2 hours for all and I really enjoyed chatting with them.

I loved the marble of this house. It just didn't seem to 

fit in with the other homes surrounding it.


A mosque in the middle of the rice terraces.


A lovely house with a lake view.


Fishing Center


A popular cigarette ad I would see all over Indonesia.


 Koto Gadang, West Sumatra




Valley of Tanah Datar (S.E. side of Mt. Merapi) 

The pierced stone Batu Batikam at Duun Tuo near the village 

of Limo Kaum. 


The children were so sweet and they would kiss my hand to 

show respect. I was so touched by all of them. 

Rumah Gadang (Traditional Houses)


Padang Sidempuan


Lipstick Tree or Bixa Orellana a.k.a. Annato, Urucum, Achiote

Spiny red fruit with hard, deep red seeds that are used for food,

cosmetics and industrial dye. Indigenous peoples have used the

seeds and plant for body paint, and to treat a variety of maladies.



I just loved this orange house in the middle of all of the 

Rumah Gandangs (traditional houses)




Bukittinggi City Sculpture




Bukittinggi (High Hill) Famous Hornshaped Roof Clocktower

Overlooking the city square


Waterfall and Train Bridge of the Anai Valley




Indonesia photos of Java


April 4-5, 2006



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