Indonesia Photos of Sulawesi


April 13 - April 18, 2006


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(South Sulawesi)

Ujung Pandang     Tanah Toraja (Torajaland)


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Ujung Pandang

Jumping from the bridge

Erotic Mountain at Bamba Puang

The mountain which the soul has to climb in order to enter heaven.

Tanah Toraja - Land of Heavenly Kings

A village on the 10 hour drive to Torajaland from Manado

We went to Parappo Village for a funeral celebration. Elaborate rites 

are performed to ensure that souls pass to the afterworld

Traditional Toraja house - "tongkonan". The roof rises at both ends

like the bow and stern of a ship and legend says this was the shape

of the vessels that carried their ancestors here.

 It is on the last day that the coffin is hauled carefully 

up the mountain side to the family gravesite 

amidst great shouting and excitement. 

Families spend  a great deal of money on these feasts.

The "celebration" lasts up to a week with feasting, 

chanting and dancing going on through the night.

the slaughter by single sword stroke of a scared buffalo is common.

Town Square

The winner of the Isabella Coleman Trophy at the Tournament

of Roses Parade, Pasadena in 1991.

Inside Tampangallo Caves

First grave of the Toraja people

I love the bamboo forests.

Kambira is a burial site for a new born babies. 

The bodies are put inside the tree trunks.

He was sitting on my windshield. It was really huge.

Rock Tombs in Lemo. These are ancient stone graves.

Kete Kesu Village famous for its carvings

Buffalo horns are placed in front of their homes.

A grave at Kete Kesu

A Grave at Kete Kesu

Hanging Graves

Fallen Graves

Rock tombs in Batutumongga

I bought this plaque from this artist at Kete Keysu.

Rantepao Local Market

Rantepau Market

Shrieking Doomed Pigs

Auction or Marketplace to Sell Your Livestock

Which one do you Fancy?

Waiting for a Customer

Cocoa Beans

These Fruit Bats were deafening at Nangala Village

Typical Home Styles and Rice Houses

Ancient Megalith Stones at Bori

The buffalo horns are a sign of prestige.

A Local Grave

Working the fields

My favorite Vodka Cruisers. I have not had them since I was in Australia. They are so hard to find, I could not believe I found them here in Sulawesi, Indonesia of all places.


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