Nepal Photos

January 28 - February 5, 2001

Kathmandu     Bharatput     Chitwan     Pokhara


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Nepalese Man & Grandson



Pashupatinath Temple:

The Gold Roofed Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the holiest shrines for Hindu's. The River Bagmati flows into the Ganges in India.

All areas around the temple are very busy during cremations. The body is wrapped in yellow cloth with flowers. Hundreds come daily here to pray that they will die at this river at this temple.

They wrap the body in yellow cloth with flowers and prepare the logs for the cremation.




The body is then placed on the logs, and they light the face on fire first


Very religious holy men that are nomads and travel and offer blessings

Bhaktipur at Durbar Square

Dattayreya Square and Temple in Bhaktipur built in the 14th Century

Taleju Temple for Durga, the Goddess of Power


Local Village Woman



A Buffalo Sacrifice. January 29 and October 3 in Kathmandu people line up outside every temple to offer animal sacrifices to Durga, the Goddess of power. This is Dattatreya Square. They offer the blood and internal organs for blessings and wishes. They throw the head, eyes and organs into the pit.



Kids run around barefoot all over while the sacrifices are going on. I could not get close to the temple pit so I lifted my camera in the air and voila. This is the picture that I got. It was just great.



My first elephant back safari in Chitwan National Park near Kathmandu. His name is Csan Csal Ali and it means naughty. He was 35 years old.


These Rhinos crossed right in front of us while on elephant back. We saw seven rhinos on that one safari. We were very lucky.



Local transport across the river




My first sighting of a Gharia Crocodile. I took a picture and spooked it into the water right at us. I was in a tiny canoe with one guide. It was scary. Notice his very long pointy snout.

This is me very carefully crossing the bridge over croc infested waters to start a 3-hour jungle walk


We were searching for Rhinos on foot which was a bit nervewracking. Instead we just crossed this fellow who looked at me like I'd be a great morning snack.


I had much better luck crossing on elephant back


This was bigger than any bug I saw in Africa


Tharu Village in Chitwan. These girls could not stop giggling. They used to marry at 8 years old but now they can wait till they are teenagers. Notice the thatched roofs on these traditional huts in this 13th century village

I loved this little girl. I was riding an ox cart and she was running after me so I picked her up and let her ride with me.

These killer pines wrap clockwise around trees and kill them


Pokhara Valley 125 miles west of Kathmandu with Annapurna Mountain Range in the background. It was gorgeous.


The unforgettable Mt. Machhapuchure Fishtail Peak at nearly 23,000 ft. It is not high for Nepal but it is higher than any peak in the Americas, Africa, Europe and anywhere else in Asia

This photo of Sagarmatha National Park was taken from a plane as I flew past the Himalayas, where the earth meets the sky. Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world with no snow stands at 29,028 ft