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MARCH 14 - 21, 2006


Yangon (Rangoon)     Bagan     Mandalay     Heho     Inle Lake     Yangon


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1st Painting I saw in Burma

Burmese typically pray to many Buddhas at one time.

This was lovely set on the tree on islet in 

Kandawgyi Lake

Swedagon Pagoda  in Yangon (formerly Rangoon)

100 meter High Golden Dome and is the City Landmark

Just a Great Shot.

Taking a Break

Large complex of temples and pagodas and part of Swedagon

Sunset from Shwedagon was beautiful.

Local Transport

She was selling these baskets and I remember thinking

she was just beautiful and I had my guide tell just that.

Waiting for a Customer at Nyaung Oo Market in Bagan

Ah, what a face!

Weighing the Fruit to get the Cost

Market Street

This sunscreen will protect her child from burning.

Bagan's pagodas are beautiful.

They are great to climb and offer 

breathtaking views of the valley.

Bagan is a city with striking views of various size red brick 

pagodas across it plains as far as you can see.

Master Craftsman Design These Puppets

Puppetry entertains the Burmese of all ages

My Eyes Don't Look Quite How I Wanted

Shwezigon Pagoda near Nyaung U (Bagan)

An Offering For a Young Monk

Keeping the Sun Away

Thatbyinnyu Temple rises 200 ft and is known as 

The "Omniscient Temple"

Long bus rides across the country stop along the rivers so

people can cool off and bathe.

Sunset over teh Ayeyarwaddy River near 

Shwe Sandaw Pagoda

My Mosquito Sleeping Tent

This is a monastery's kitchen making the rice for the

monks second meal of the day.

60% of all monks in Myanmar reside in Mandalay.

Here the residents line up for their offering of rice.

Crossing the 200-year old wooden U Bein Bridge

to Amarapura

They like to shoot pool

A local marble carver at work

They carry the ice cream in these coolers 

A Group of Praying Nuns

Outside I gave them each a pencil and they prayed for me

and blessed me. Although I am not religious, it was an amazing moment and I will never forget the chills that it still gives me

Shwenandaw Kyaung Wooden Monastery

This is where the nuns were praying.

Kuthodaw Pagoda at Nyaung U near Bagan. It sits around

"The Worlds Largest Book" made of 729 marble slabs

One page of the book. Each in enclosed in a small

Shrine and it inscribes the Tripitaka. The Buddhist Canon Scriptures originally memorized and recited by disciples.

Mandalay (Myanmars Golden City)

Lions at the entrance of Mandalay Hill. You can see their size 

when you compare it to my small image standing in front

We traveled by ferry to Mingum

Local Handicrafts

I loved the artwork and paintings

The paintings depict a great image of Burmese lifestyles

This is the worlds largest working bell at Mingum

87 tons 3.7 meters high and 5 meters wide

I would like to drive that oxcart!

Well, let's do it then!

Hsinbyume Pagoda built in 1816

The snow white gives it a special beauty

7 Concentric terraces lead to the central stupa

Local Street Scene

Very Typical Street Scene

Weighing the Goods for Accurate Pricing

Horse carts are common for moving goods

Taking a horse cart to Inwa located between the

Ayeyarwaddy & Myint Nge rivers

Remnants and ruins of small temples and monastery's

remaining around Inwa

Watch Tower (Nan Myint)

Leaning Tower of Inwa 90 feet tall

Maha Aung Mye Bon Zan Monastery 

Brick and Stucco built in 1818

Fetching some water

Mandalay Palace

(I love this shot)

I wish I could remember what I was laughing at here at

Mandalay Palace built of teak wood on raised brick plinth gilded with gold and vermilion.

I can't remember what the rabbit was for either.



Local Village House

Their kitchen is simple yet complete

Sagaing Hill lies 21km south-west of Mandalay on the 

west bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River.

Tilawkaguru cave temple, which was built around 1672

This group was laughing and pointing and begging us 

to take our photo with them and as soon as we did, 

every smile was gone except ours. 

Fear Factor in Reverse

I can't get enough of these pictures

Inle Lake Local Transport

The "Intha" are one of Burmese ethnic minority groups

Fishing at Inle Lake with a conical bamboo trap with a net

underneath is thrown into the water to bait the fish.

They use their foot to push off the bottom of the lake 

as it is very shallow. It is called leg rowing.

Behind him is a floating garden made by mats woven of dried reeds, grass and mud to grow crops.

A temple in the middle of the lake

Local Housing

Famous for its jumping cats, I could not wait to visit

Ngaphechaung Monastery. I got the shot!

A young man starting his monk lifestyle and they start

with a goodbye celebration with the family

Long neck tribe weaving. These heavy metal rings really just push 

the clavicle down giving the neck an elongated appearance.

There is always someone around to sell you something

Local Transport in a long tail boat

I loved cruising along in them

Another Floating Garden Sample

A Restaurant at Inle Lake

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda

A marble statue of a praying novice

Bogyoke Aung San Market housed in a colonial building

These men are trading gems and it is serious business for them

There are hundreds of stalls in the popular 

Bogyoke Aung San Market

A local apartment building

I loved the license plate

Local truck buses

I did not take a local bus on this trip although 

now I wish I had tried it here

The donators of the famous Reclining Buddha at 

Chaukhtatgyi Paya Yangon

It is housed under a large sheet metal roof

This reclining Buddha image is 55 meter long & 16 meter high 

I just liked this painting hanging on the wall next to

the reclining Buddha

This is my hotel back patio leading to the pool. It used to be 

a museum and they didn't want to take the dinosaur down.

I just needed a pic to fill this spot.


I swear this is a photo of my father reincarnate.

Do you see the resemblance as well?


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