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MARCH 7 - 11, 2006

Luang Prabang     Vientiane


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Three on Bike

(I see a pattern in Asia)

Many Houses Looked Haunted in Laos. This is Luang Prabang.

Local Transport

What a Beautiful Sunset on the Mekong River

Snack Time

Front of the Sim of Wat Xieng Thong

A Small Chapel at Wat Xieng Thong

Worshippers and Buddha Images Decorate it

Another Buddha Image at Wat Xieng Thong

Funeral Vehicle Inside Wat Xieng Thong

The Haw Pha Bang (Ho Pha Bang), Royal or Palace Chapel, is located in the grounds of the Royal Palace Museum

Girls Selling Some Jewelry

They don't speak English but they could say,

"On your way back down come back."

This is an ancient iron bell at the top of Mt. Phousi.

It left vibrations ringing in my elbows.

This was left here from the war and it was so heavy

to maneuver but it was fun spinning on it.

This was really a magnificent reclining Buddha 

also at the top of Mt. Phousi..

Praying Buddha and His Disciples

I decided to join in

Top of Mt. Phousi

A Contemplating Monk

A Resting Monk

A Studious Monk

A Walk on a Bridge

Pancakes Anyone?

Local Monk

Local Handicrafts 

I'm sorry I didn't buy some.

Making Music for Tourists

Taking a Coffee Break

(Well maybe just sitting for a rest)

Pak Ou Cave - Great Buddha Cave in a Limestone Mountain

View From in the Cave

Tham Phum - Upper cave of Pak Ou 

River Life

Playing in the Khan River

The Cliff Faces are Amazing

I decided to help out at Mr. Wong's Bar

This was a great place to hang out at night. I had a blast here. 

It was an after hours bar that opens

at 11pm when the one other bar in town closes. 

Village Sellers Start Young

They carry the products on their backs in baskets

Lunch time for a nice bowl of rice.

I'll never forget the girl with the straight red hair. 

She was such a little lady with a lovely smile. 

Village Home

Another Home

Village Toilet

A Simple Homemade Toy

The kids look after their younger brothers & sisters.

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