Kenya Photos


October 1-3 and October 9 - 23, 1997


Nairobi     Ngong Hills     Kikuyu     Aberdare     Nyeri     Mt. Kenya     Samburu     

Uaso Nyiro River     Great Rift Valley     Nakuru     Lake Navaisha     Maasai Mara



Tanzania Photos


October 3 - October 9, 1997


Arusha     Tarangire     Lake Manyara     Rift Valley     Ngorongoro Crater     

Serengeti     Olduvai Gorge     Amboseli     Mt. Kilamanjaro



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Water Buffalo, Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Elephant


Vultures in Trees


A Lion Den Resting Under an Acacia Tree


Men's & Ladies Restrooms


A Huge Ant Hill


A Beautiful Kenya Sunset


Weaver Bird's Nests


The First Leopard I Saw on Safari


Leaky Site - Olduvai Gorge is an archaeological site located in the eastern Serengeti Plains in northern Tanzania. The gorge is a very steep sided ravine roughly 30 miles long and 295 ft. deep. Objects recovered date from 2,100,000 to 15,000 years ago.


A pillar holding up the restaurant






A Hippo Pool. Hippos are the most life threatening animal to humans. One bit leaves a floating body in 2-pieces.


A lioness that followed us and took relief in the shade of our safari vehicle. 


Zebras & Wildebeest catching a cool sip in Ngorogoro Crater



I gave these young boys pens and pencils. They came out from nowhere in the middle of the bush.


A tent camp where baboons played on the roof all night scaring me to death.


A baboon climbing up a very tall tree. I love this shot.



The migration across the Serengeti Plains



A giraffe taking a drink after carefully scanning the area for predators


Women at Work




A Bird Swarm - This was the most amazing site while on safari. We saw them coming in the distant and they just flew by forever in this dense cloud.


The Mesarani Snake Park


A baby elephant born the day before


A Spotted Hyena


Mt. Kilamanjaro - It had not been visible for months and as we flew toward it, we saw it's peak and then got this shot when we landed.


A Nairobi Political Gathering









Le Papa Sayallel - A Masai Warrior. He was going to give a lecture and I was the only one that showed up. We spoke for hours. We sat face to face and shared our cultures. What confused him the most was our marriage ritual. They can have as many wives as they can afford (cow & sheep). The wives live and work together harmoniously. Our culture is filled with divorce and he just didn't understand our ways. Their way works and our's seems to fail 50%.


A Cow Dung Hut. It has no odor when it dries. It stays warm on the inside. They sleep inside with chicks and sheep. The roof is covered in soot from the fires made for cooking.


A Masai Bride who looks down until she is wed to the groom.




The village chief creating fire. It was taking them a while and the women stood around them and laughed.




This is the elephant that charged our vehicle. It was very frightening. She was seriously angry with her ears flat against her head. She was protecting 2 babies. We really thought she was going to get us. I'm glad I have the video.


A Camel Road Crossing




A cheetah in the Wild. The body is so sleek it made me want to go on a diet. She was so fast. We tried to follow her as long as we could. Watching her run was fantastic.


A Beautiful Mosque with Fantastic Architecture





It was here that I was almost bit by a very angry monkey. They are all over the grounds and I was going for a photo and did not see the baby under mommies belly. She came at me, I cowered and someone else saw, ran up wailing and scared her off just in time.


We were standing right next to this croc. It stayed like this for hours.




I was feeding this Genet while having dinner at a restaurant. They eat fruits, small rodents, birds, reptiles, and invertebrates. It belongs to the mongoose family but resembles a cat and gives birth to kittens.


A Gerenuk - Giraffe Gazelle


The Ark Lodge in Nyeri inside Aberdare National Park in Kenya


Masai Warriors




They stand tall, straight and proud and jump as high as they can pushing off with their toes


Kikuyu Tribe doing the dance of the female circumcision. 

I brought a horse tail dance wand home with me


The Chief of the Tribe



A Great Souvenir Shop in the Middle of the Bush



I gave him Pens and fruit rolls. He was very happy and stayed very proper and proud.


Filling the Ballon at 4:30am


A beautiful Take Off over the Serengeti


Our Shadow


A Lion Having her Lunch


Vultures Getting their Share


Carcas Remains - A Common Sight Across the Plains of Africa


A Water Buffalo


What a Shot! A Herd of Elephants Making Their Way Across the African Plains