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April 5 - April 13, 2006


Sumatra      Kalimantan      Sulawesi      West Papua      Bali


                (Central Kalimantan)     

Pangkalan Bun      Kumai       Camp Leaky        Banjamarsin  


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Balikpapan     Mahakam River     Muara Muntai       Tanjung Isuy       Melak Tenggarong       Balikpapan


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The "Klotok"  I rode on the Sekonyer River to get to the 

Orangutans at Tanjung Puting National Park and Camp Leaky.


A Female Proboscis Monkey only found in Borneo 

and are under threat of being extinct.

A group of Proboscis Monkeys. The male is known for its 

long snout. If you look closely, you can see the shadow of the 

male at the top of the tree.


Cruising along the Sekonyer River

Siswi seemed to be waiting for me.  I couldn't believe she was 

right there. I didn't even have my boots on yet. I was still sitting

in the boat. It was just great timing that I arrived when I did.


She didn't pay much attention to me. She just wanted to walk down 

the stairs into the river and play. I just stood above her taking photos.

 It was so surreal. We were just there next to each other.


She was having so much fun playing in the water and licking up soap blowing bubbles. It was great fun watching her.


Camp Leaky provides the most unusual and unexpected orangutan experiences. You never know when you will be face to face.


These guys were right above my head playing and teasing the 

nearby orangutans. Being smaller and more agile, they tease and 

swat at them knowing they can't be caught.


They love to hang around and grab food when it is available to them.





Strangling Banyan Tree


Feeding time in the park.


Unyo and Untung


Oh no, not again!


Siswi coming to check things out.




She did end up grabbing a shoe and ran off for a while with it. It came back safely. It was fun to watch her at play.


I felt lucky to be holding her hand.


Kosasih, king of the jungle. He has been king for 10 years. He has many battle wounds but still maintains his local status May, 2006


A male probiscus monkey. The species has a couple of 

spellings and they are all accurate.


As the sun set and we'd sail the 2-3 hours back to camp 

each evening the sky would fill with bats. 


I loved the bat in the distance of this gorgeous sunset.


Here is the actual nose of the male probiscus monkey.


Here is a strong photo of Kusassi that hung in the 

cultural center at Camp Leaky.


My second day, Kosasih came back to camp.


Got Milk? 


Kosasih, a 35-year old, very strong male, orphaned as a baby 

survived the jungle against all the odds.


He then fought his way for the right to be called the king. It is only a 

matter of time before he will be challenged for the prestigious title.


We had great eye contact from the first time I saw him. I knelt down and told him what an honor it was to meet him. I said I respected him and said I was a survivor like he was. He would just throw his arms out to me.


The other guests were saying he had a crush on me and he was going to take me for his bride. We would laugh but it was like that both days. We just stared at each other. I just wanted to get closer.


Still not close enough. I was determined. I finally did it. I not only held his hand but sat and stroked it too. 

He grabbed my hand for a moment and it had to be pryed off and 

then I stroked his hand again. It was so strong and tough. 

It was fun watching playtime.


Siswi liked the hat and the attention.


Oops, I have an itch.


Where exactly is it?


Ah, I can get it.

All better now!

Cleaning time for momma and baby.


Ah, no bother.


Tanjung Harapan Village

Pounding the rice

Look at that face!

I gave these ladies necklaces and they gave me the woven mat. 

I was quite honored. It was the first gift I received.

The sticker boys.

She was showing us her crops.

This is now Banjamarsin cruising the Barito River to the 

Pasar Kuin floating market.

Hundreds of vendors in Klotoks and canoes selling products.

The long-tailed macaques are everywhere at Pulau Kempang.

Tombstone River Shop

Local River Life

Chicken anyone?

While driving around town before heading to the airport there was a ton of traffic as their were 2 local weddings. So I asked to stop and let me walk around to see them. I was so glad I did. This was the family of the bride.

They pulled me into the wedding like my arms were made of rubber.

They offered food and drink. They asked me to join in on the dancing

with this wedding entertainer and I was so glad I did.

This was the crowd that gathered around to watch me dance

traditional dances welcoming their guests. I had a blast. They kept asking where I had learned these dances before. I said I was just following.

These were children that performed for the crowd as well.

The bride and groom are hidden away in a very small room all the 

way in the back of the venue and guests must go to them to 

say hello. They never see the festivities and the celebration.

This lady was so sweet and didn't want me to leave the party.

The family on the bike is a common site throughout Asia.

Here was the next couple and reception  just a block away.  Their guests 

welcomed me in just like the first party. Even on their wedding

day, they are so serious and yet smiling right before pictures are taken.

I loved the assortment of cakes that the guests bring. 

Just think of the amount saved. 

I love the aerial view of the river from the airplane.

These rides are all over malls in Indonesia.

I loved seeing the kids riding on them.

Villagers coming to welcome the foreigners


Traditional Dancing and Everyone Participates. See, I'm in there.


The dids do their own special dance.

He was great and hit the target every time with this very heavy blow dart

I however, was very bad and missed the target every time.

The local beauty supply shop.

Popcorn making at the market.

Cutting and weighing the chickens.

The Rubber Trees had trails from the road into the dense jungle.

The area was saturated with mosquitoes and this photo cost me about 

40 mosquito bites on my legs and ankles. They feasted on my blood.

A 5,000 acre orchid reservation near the village of Kersik Luwal grows 27 different species of orchid including the very rare Black Orchid. 

We were very lucky to see the only one in bloom.

I was on the back of the motorbike on this road to get to the Black Orchid.

Carvinorous Asian Pitcher Plant

Inside each pitcher are secretion glands that produce fluids to adequately drown any straying insects, particularly crawling insects.

Ants are particularly fond of the nectar found around the rim 

so they like to use these plants around the house during ant season.

A family living in the communal long house or Balai.

Look at those faces and their gorgeous skin color.

Mixing in with the locals

Taking a ride.

All the kids wanted to get into the action.

I was invited to join this family and of course they offered food.

The last sunset before boarding my houseboat up the Mahakam River.

Chilling out while waiting for a customer.

I just loved this look.

I went to Matahari alot. It's the main Indonesian Department Store.

To honor religious tolerance this statue represents 3 religions

Wings (for Islam), Dragon (for Buddhism) and an Elephant (for Hinduism)

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