India Photos



January 21-28 and February 5 - March 30, 2001

Delhi     Varanasi     Khajuraho     Bandhavgargh     Jhansi     Agra     Ranthambore     


Jaipur     Bikaner     Jaisalmer     Jodhpur     Mt. Abu     Udaipur     Chitorgargh     


Mumbai (Bombay)     Aurangabad     Madurai     Kerala, Periyar


Cochin     Bangalore     Mysore     Chennai (Madras)     Mumbai



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Birla Hindu Temple in Delhi














Street Life Outside of a Mosque


Bahai Temple put up in 1986 in Delhi

The Lotus Blossom Represents Purity

Ghandi Memorial

I saw this on my way to the Republic Day Parade in Delhi. At 8:45am, 570 miles away, I felt the 7.9 Gujarat Earthquake that killed 20,000 people and left 600,000 homeless.

Jama Masjid Mosque in Delhi

Delhi Bakery

Typical Delhi Corner


Electronic & Hardware Store



Cows Roaming the Streets for Lunch



4:30am Sunrise in Varanasi, One of the Holiest Cities in India. It was so Spiritual, Memorable and cold and am amazing sunset!


Hundreds to Thousands Walk Barefoot Daily to these Ghats (the Steps Leading Down to the Ganges River)


For Some, the Walk is Ten's of Miles


Here They Wash their Clothes, Pray, Clean their Cows and their Children but Most Importantly, They Bathe Their Sins Away.

Typical Indian Traffic

This was my most amazing day in India. This is the Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad (the great festival of the pot of nectar of immortality). This is the largest, most auspicious Hindu Pilgrimage in the world. almost 100 million attended. I arranged my whole trip around this event. It was really one of my favorite travel moments and a very colorful day.

There were 12 million the day I was there. The event occurs every 12 years at the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswatilt Rivers. This year was most special as the planets were in special alignment and this phenomenon occurs every 144 years. It occurs 


Praying and Studying


Morning Tea and Fried Pancakes

My Best Photos Were Taken This Day

Each Person was Special

I Really Stood out in the Crowd but I Never Minded I Saw Only One Other Caucasian the Whole Day. 

Some Brought Their Sacred Cows

Some Made Their Fires for Warmth


Some Found Solitude in the Madness

Some Tried to Make a Profit

Some were Perfection


Some were Working


Sadhu's (Generally Naked Holy Men) Roamed with their Cobras


Common all over India, these cow dung patty mounds provide a great fuel. The villagers work hard in the fields to get them just the right size and height to dry properly. They are flat triangular patties in bell-like mounds.

Gold Buddha in teaching position at Sarnath, the site where Buddha gave his very first sermon after attaining his own enlightenment. It is a holy place.

Local Transport


This was the perfect female Tiger Print. It was amazing. We knew we were close. People come to India for days, weeks, months and years just to spot a Tiger in the Wild. I'm always so fortunate. I have such great luck.

There she was. We found her. Well, she found us. We were on elephant back and there she was at the hind leg wondering what we were doing in her territory. What made it even more phenomenal was she had two cubs with her.


These are just part of the complex at Khajuraho. They are the erotic temples where love is the theme. Woman is the central character. They are so beautiful from afar.


These five temples are covered with these erotic carvings on sandstone. These are the scenes that started Kama Sutra. Faces express all emotions in these erotic sexual scenes.


The Famous Taj Mahal


Mausoleum of Itmad-Ud-Daulahi



The Monkeys of the the Mausoleum. They are all over Landmarks. Here they groom each other to perfection.


Here one sits in contemplation.

This was a perfect shot at a Holy Place.


A Banyan Tree in Ranthambore National Park where I saw more tigers in the wild.


Jaipur, the pink city of India. Cows roam the streets with the people. They are sacred animals and you can go to jail even for accidentally killing one.


 The roads are very narrow. This Lori was so close to us it looked like it was going to tip over on us. It was a bit nerve wracking.


Very typical local transport. The buses are packed inside as well. They just climb right on with nothing to hold onto. This was all over the country.


Jaisselmer City & Fort which was finished in the 14th Century


A camel safari on the Sam Sand Dunes. See how I got my camel to smile.

This is the Jodhpur Fort which took 30 years to build and was started in 1459. It is now a hotel and people live outside the land in front of these beautiful landmarks.


This was a local dentist. He is bareboot and all of his tools and teeth rest on the ground. You can see the tools and drills that are used on the teeth.

He said he did pretty good business too.



This is Ranakpur, a Jain Temple located between Mt. Abu and Udaipur. It is one of five holy places for the Jains. It is a Chaumukha (4-headed temple) dedicated to Adinath, the first Saint and it is 3 stories high and was built in 1031AD and still in perfect condition. There are 29 halls, 80 domes and 1,444 pillars. Each has its own intricate carvings and every one is unique.


Udaipur or the Blue City


Part of Chittorgarh Fort which sits on 700 acres. It was one of my favorite places. I loved roaming and exploring all of the uniques caves and structures.

Bombay Train Station



Bombay Washing Center. Hotels also send out to get their laundry done here. It is a very efficient operation.

Ajanta Caves 65 miles from Aurangabad. It is known for it's amazing Frescoes and Paintings.


Bombay Elephant Caves excavated in the 6th and 7th centuries.


Ellora Caves are the most elaborate in India. There are 34 caves total. There are 12 Buddhist 600-800 AD. 17 Hindu from 900 AD and 5 Jain from 1000 AD. Kailasnath Temple represents Siva's Himalayan Home.


This was the poor mans version of the Taj Mahal. It was built by Aurangzab in 1679 as a Mausoleum for his wife Rabia-Ud-Daurani


Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, Southern India


Cochin's Famous Kathakali Dancing


Chinese Fishing Nets in Cochin


The Official India Stoplight


A Typical Site of a Woman Stringing Flowers to Prayers to come and offer them to the Gods & Goddesses. Girls wear the flowers in their hair as well. They take a lot of pride in their long shiny hair.

Bangalore or Bendakaloorui (Town of Boiled Beans) The king of Vijayanagar dynasty, Veera Ballala was lost and was given beans by a woman. This is known as the cleanest city in India.


A Great Local Market


Madras Parliment Building


Local Handicrafts Store


Typical Village or City Street Scenery


Chamundi Hill in Mysore.  Chamundi is the Goddess of Power or Durga. This is Nandi a 5 foot solid rock bull carved in 1659. The granite is black from rubbing it with coconut oil.


Mysore Palace for Maharaja Krishna Raja built in 1912


Mahabalipuram Cave Temples from the 5th and 6th Centuries


Carvings inside the temple in my traditional 3-Piece Panjabi


Typical Bombay Housing


Local Street Sign

(and it really is a problem)


Convenient Street Vendor


Bombay Traffic and Train Station. I really never captured true traffic in a photo.


Selling newspaper cones full of nuts


Want some lunch?