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Jan 12, 2010 - Jan 28, 2010


Arba Minch       Turmi       Jinka 


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Abyssinian black-and-white colobus monkey


Abyssinian black-and-white colobus monkey


Amara gedel area of Lake Awassa Amara and Oromo villages

Stopped and taught them duck duck goose and they sang for me

Oromo Tribe Thatched roof, triangular house, long skinny sticks at base, mud straw base plant sorghum, corn, barley and wheat no teff grows here! Teff (dry weather grass) 


Sorghum has the same structure as corn (tall stalks), but does not have a “fruit” like corn. Instead, what they harvest is the top grassy part, which is reddish brown (compared to the yellow corn tassel).


Villagers were friendly and wanted to say hi


Common on the roads


Enjoying some of my give-a-ways. I hand out balls, pencils, dog tags, stickers, bracelets, bandanas etc but no candy. They appreciate it. 

Try for the best patriotic give aways. 


I’ve received many nice and special gifts in return. A fabulous hand-woven mat and a chief’s penis gourd which hangs on my wall


Sharing a gourd is a sign of good friendship

Water, Dej or other alcohol


Strolling through the market and enjoying a pipe



This was so cute and tasty!


She was a little sweetheart that took me around the market


Drive from Hawassa to Arba Minch. 

Weekly market of Dorze’ which inhabits Arba Minch and Chencha. 

Foosball is very popular and see tables around the south


These women were carrying huge bundles of sticks, straw, stalks, and were indeed walking miles barefoot, and uphill especially on market days


Letting me share in the sisterhood of sharing a gourd


Market Activity - 








Dorze’ Village False Banana Leaves and woven bamboo. Hut resembles elephant head and they are very tall The termites eat the house and it shortens over the years and when it gets too low, they rebuild in the same place.

Rasta Man is with dreadlocks   Jamaican history – The Ras Teferian’s believe that last emperor Ras Teferi Given name become Haille Selassi (hile selasi).

So they keep dreadlocks. Famous for their weaving.


Lake Chamo for Crocs & Hippos and an animal reserve.

Crocs and Hippos were all around us!

Nice Family


Are you talking to me?


We landed here for a walking safari in Nech Sar National Park


These guys are nuts!


This one was a prehistoric, gigantic monster!


A bit too close for comfort!


Dinner in this great restaurant. I wish I had the name. Robel?


I should have put a pepper in my mouth.


Bena Tribe known for the hair style




Village Visit. We sang and danced together.


She held my hand and showed me all around. 


She was very protective of me during my visit. She made sure I never stepped on any rocks and held my hand so I would not slip when climbing the rocks.


I was showing them their pictures and videos of them singing


I gave my give-a-ways to the guide to keep some kind of order. 


Weekly market of Tsemay (Semi) and Albore tribes

Sell Guinea Fowl  


Beautiful Rolling Hills 


Amazing Scenery

I really enjoy my village visits the most!

Marking their cattle



We stopped on the side of the road. She wanted a razor. I spent so much time opening up a disposable to give her the razor blade. It was too small and she was so upset. She didn't want the ease of using the razor in tact. I tried.

I loved her bag of "props" she was carrying. It was so diverse.

Hamer Girl - The thick knob on the front of her necklace means she is married.



Arbore Village


Arbore Village and a bit more intimidating


Very tough negotiations for photos.


Here they negotiate pricing for their photos

1 birr – 3 birr each person

$1  = 12.34 birr at the time

1 birr is .08 cents


Karo Man showing the hair style


They do this on the side of the road so you'll stop and give tips



Turmi Buska Lodge Kitchen


Hamer Vilage



Karo Village



Sharing their feast with me


Karo Village Masters of body painting with chalk paint imitating 

the spotted plumage of guinea fowl



The amazing Omo River

Karo Woman


Outside on the schools wall


Hamer tribe and dancing. Reminded me of Maasai Warriors


The kids love when I give them my camera. It is special letting them take photos. Other tourists were taking pics of me sitting and playing with the kids.

I felt they missed out on the awesome experience


Sunset with music and dance in Africa. It does not get better than that!


How cute is he?


This little gal was fascinated! She just would not pick the camera up. She kept pointing it at the ground. I would hold it up so she could see people but it didn't connect. It was really fun watching her excitement.

I was singing kids songs for them as they clapped.



The kids were so protective over me. It was super hot and I was getting pretty sick. I basically passed out from the heat and dehydration. They all ran me over to a tree and got me bottled water. I was well taken care of!

They got a kick out of watching me try this.


Feeling back to normal but you can see how red I am! It was hot!


I love how fascinated people get when I write in my journal. 

I was writing down everyone's names... as best as I could understand them.

Bale Mountains   Dasanech Tribe on bank of Omo River




They use anything they can for decor and adornments on their heads 

and for jewelry. It is all very beautiful to them!



This is the matriarch that invited me into her hut.






This experience in this hut is one of my favorite travel stories in 72 countries.


It is amazing leading up to this puppy.


The Hammer women are topless with leather skirts and wear many bracelets

The Hammer are known for the Bull Jumping Ceremonies for the boys around age 10 and up This is the annual male initiation where they become men

They line up 5-10 bulls and they run across the backs many times

If they fall they have to wait for the following year to try again.



When the boys do this the sisters of the bull jumpers must endure being beaten and whipped by the men of the village Women are honored by this tradition and if she has multiple brothers she will proudly endure this mutilation many times without tears as that would appear as a sign of weakness




Adorning traditional head dress and neck ware and Hamer bracelets


Love the homemade toys


All of the men carry these Hamer stools


The elongated stools are the Bena tribe

I found this little one and fell in love. We just hung out without words. I took her to lunch and got her a soda. We just laughed.


Later we were joined and I sang for them and they sang for me.



Trying to make conversation sitting on a stool that I bought.


Stool and head rest is called a Berkuma and the stick is Kevera

Hammer Man is completed by beautiful hairdu, stick and Berkuma


Selling in the shade under a truck. She reminds me of my sister



Famous for the red clay hair and butter that is applied to the hair

Markets are chaotic and they sit alot


I loved this little girl. We saw her on the way to the Omo Valley and went back to see her on the way back to Arba Minch. She was out of bubbles and I took my bar of soap and scraped it and mixed it with water so she would have more bubbles. I wanted to take her home!


This was just too cute. We were taking a lunch break and she was just so darling.

Also cool that all of our Hamer bracelets are in the picture.


It was like we were one happy family! I do wish I had her name.

This is Mulugeta, my driver and friend in Ethiopia


A cutie that came from out of nowhere 


Bena Children with wooden stilts. 


Another ploy for tips on the side of the road. I guess it worked.



Mursi Tribe - Mago National Park


Stretch lip larger dowry for family for husband



The clay plates are pretty heavy.




I loved the progression with him. He was so serious.


I started getting a bit friendly and smiling so he did too.


Then I was trying to get him to laugh. 


It finally worked. We had a great time!


Cooking up lunch


Out for a stroll with a beautiful headpiece


I am not sure if that was loaded or not


Great lip disk but on the smaller side


Mom and baby at play


Sharpening his tools



Village Shot


Meticulous Body Painting


Lots of group shots of Mursi Tribe Women

Mursi Lip Disks - Southern Omo Valley


They do seem to start serious or they think they should be 


But when you say it is ok to smile, they light up!


Cute brother and sister


Lunch Time

Super Cute


All natural and beautiful


Just a cool moment


Stopped at a school coming back into town. It was crazy. They were all over me!


These guys freaked out at my belly ring. They just wanted to see 

my very white skin. I admit, I wish I held it in a bit more. 

White skin and red face.


They wanted to touch me. 

They also tried to pull my pants away and look down. lol

Stopped at a village and school. Oh my gosh, they were so sweet. 

I brought them pencils and they just loved them.


They followed me for so long until I had to get into the car and go.

Driving on the way to the next village




Turmi Village Market


Turmi Village ?

Near Konso








Gesergio – a village in Konso 17 km from Karat

Sand Pinnacles sculpted by occasional water flow

The villagers in this area were very hard to contend with so I left.


Resembles skyscrapers of New York with mud towers

It was amazing here and I wanted to hang out but knew it was best to leave



I'm glad my guide was able to get one shot of me


My last breakfast at the lodge with Mulugeta 

Mulugeta and Robel to see me off! I miss them both!



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