September 17 - September 30, 1997

Cairo     Luxor     Esna     Edfu     Kom Ombo     Aswan     Abu Simbel




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View from my hotel in Cairo


Royal Manial Palace


View from Spiral Mineret in the

IBN Tulun Mosque


Gift Shop in Aswan's Sharia El Souk Bazaar filled with lot's of gold


Hand Painted Papyrus Paper


Snack Street Vendor


Movie Posters


Late President Anwar Sadat's Tomb

I saw the changing of the guards


Young girls learn the art of creating

Egyptian Carpets to bring money to the families


Weaving Egyptian Carpets


The entrance to the Egyptian Museum

This was the day after the German tour bus was bombed in 1997


A Busy Street Scene


Pizza Hut




Alabaster Mosque - For Mohammed Ali located in the Cairo Citadel


Unknown Alabaster Sphinx representing death with no cartouche located in Memphis


The Great Sphinx: During the eighteenth dynasty, it was called "Horus of the Horizon" and "Horus of the Necropolis", the sun god that stands above the horizon. His nose was used as target practice by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1798.

The Pyramid lies in the center of gravity of the continents. It also lies in the exact center of all the land area of the world, dividing the earth's land mass into approximately equal quarters.



A great ride around the pyramids

Find Out More About These Amazing Structures




3 Famous Pyramids of Khufu or Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus Built 2589 B.C. - 2566 B.C. in Giza. Cheops is the "Great Pyramid" and Chephren was his Son and his pyramid is 10 ft shorter.. Mycerinus is the smallest


The first great stone structure the Step Pyramid of King Djoser in Sakkara Built in the 3rd Dynasty. This was Zozer's Stairway to heaven and is located 20 miles from Giza

Smoking a Sheesha or water pipe.



Temple of Hathor. Has colassal statues of Ramses II and Queen Nefertari


Valley of Kings & Queens in the Luxor West Bank. In 1922 King Tut Ankh Amoun's Tomb was found. 75 other tombs were found including Queen Nefartari, the wife of Ramses II


King Tut's Tomb - King Tut died at the throne at age 12


King Tut's Sarcophogus


The most imposing monument on the West Bank at Luxor are the famous Colossi of Memnon standing at 75 feet high. Amenhotep III ruled in the 18th Dynasty and built this mortuary temple in Thebes guarded by these 2 statues. They are all that remains.


While cruising the Nile boys would come up in their boats and sing Row, row, row your boat for tips.





Cruised 5 days from Luxor to Aswan.While waiting to pass barrage by means of a lock in Esna, cruise ships line up for hours and salesmen in canoes bring their goods for sale and toss items all the way up to the top deck of the ship. They are screaming prices like auctioneers. It was hysterical.


This is the night of the Galabia Party on the cruise ship.


This was a Galabia that the canoe guys threw up on deck.


Karnak's Temple of Amun (Ram Headed Statues). It was built over 1300 years ago. It is a massive complex of temples.


The Luxor Temple along the Nile. The 82 ft obelisk is one of 2. The other is in France. It was begun by Amenophis III and largely completed by Ramses II, though later builders added to it, including Alexander the Great and several Roman emperors. An avenue of sphinxes once connected it to Karnak Temple almost two miles away.


Statues among the complex at Luxor


Scarab at Luxor


Temples at Karnak


The granite statues are superb and filled with great detail


Grand carvings around temple complexes


Common Transportation on a Bustling Street


Local Traffic Jam on horse drawn carriages from the boat to temple of Horus at Edfu


Amazing original carvings show us the fine examples of temple rituals and the relationships of the pharaohs with their gods.

Temple Dedicated to Horus, the falcon
headed god, it was built during the reigns of six Ptolemies


Temple of Hathor in Abu Simbel


Busy Market in Luxor


Another Sheesha. They smoke tobacco and charcoal with water. It is very sweet smelling or they smoke hashish.


Enchanted Temple of Isis at Abu Simbel originally flooded on the Island of Philae.


The Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan on the east bank of the Nile in upper Egypt. Intended as a companion to the Lateran Obelisk, originally at Karnak but now in Rome, it would have weighed over 2.3 million pounds and would have been the worlds largest piece of stone ever handled but it was abandoned after finding a crack.


Temple of Queen Hapshetsut - She was a model of feminine mystic, power and political acumen. The record of ancient seafaring and trade as recorded in Queen Hatshepsut's temple at Deir el-Bahri Circa 1480 BCE


Abu Simbel has The Temple of Ramesses II and The Temple of Nefertari dedicated to Hathor. It is near the border of Egypt and Sudan. Their removal and reconstruction was a historic event.


I climbed the mountain




They were threatened by submersion in Lake Nasser, due to the construction of the high dam.


 The two temples were dismantled and raised over 60 meters up the sandstone cliff where they had been built more than 3,000 years before.

It was most impressive knowing the stones were cut and replaced.



It was my favorite site in Egypt



The Luxor scarab. It is a beetle like amulet that symbolized the sun god, Ra. It is worn to protect its owner from harm or evil. If you go around the Scarab 7 times and imagine some
wish, it will come true.


Last shot of Egypt. more Movie Posters