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MARCH 11 - 14, 2006

Siem Reap


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Just Arriving in Cambodia

I Love the Local Transportation

Young Musicians

The First Time I Saw Angkor Wat

Getting Closer

Only Minutes Away

A Nun Making Offerings

The Stone Carvings are so Detailed

The Architecture is Amazing at Ta Phrom

It Was Fun to Explore Each Corner of the Complex

I Wanted to See Each Side of Preah Khan up close. It is N.E. of Angkor Thom and was built in 1191 AD.

I Also Wanted To Climb Each Section

A Nun

A Balloon View in the Distant

This Was One Steep Staircase

These Tourists Looked Like Ants Climbing at One Time

It Was Quite Funny to Watch. But they did it!

The Carvings Were Amazing

Some Still Showed Original Colors

Amazing Mural

Lion Dance

The Dancers Showed Their Balance and Skill

The Stilt Walkers Did as Well

A Lovely Statue in the Park

Judgement Cave: The tortures are graphic and gruesome and

kids run around in it. (I hope these won't offend anyone)

Torture for 

Torture for Adultery

Torture for Breast Feeding at a Buddhist Temple

Torture for 

Statue Very Famous in Cambodia

Buddha Statues are Decorated for Beauty & Offerings

Stone Carvings of Apsara adorn the walls

Ta Phrom is one of the Angkor Complexes. 

The monastery was built in 1186.

It is Amazing to Stand Among all the Ruins

Trees Grow Throughout the Monster Complex

Huge silk-cotton trees, banyans and other forest trees

interlace their roots among the temple stones and weave

their branches into thick canopies over the ruins.

Massive roots and branches coil and twist through, splitting

walls and arches throughout the complex.

I Cream Anyone

I Love the Smiles After Giving Them American Pencils

I Love This Toilet Sign

Please Don't Stand on the Seat... Just Sit on it!

Angkor Thom Was My Favorite Site in Siem Reap

The Bus Just Made It through Angkor Thom North Gate

A Great Buddha Statue

Three Statues Carved in the Wall

South Entrance of Bayon at Angkor Thom

Small Carvings All Over the Walls

Face Carved in Wall

Sitting at a Great Spot

My Shadow

Famous Photo Spot

Angkor Thom, site of the three famous heads of the Bayon.

Learning to Paint

Another Amazing Tree

Stone Carving

A Nun Sitting Alone in a Very Small Rock Room

What a Face... I Loved This Kid!

I Still Don't Know if This Elephant Was Painted Black

Sun Setting at Angkor Wat

Sky Darkens as the Sun Sets

Angkor Wat Shows its Beautiful Shadows 

in the Twilight

Local Bar


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